ZhangLei,Jovana Zhang,Christoph John
PINWU Designg studio  www.pinwu.net
Zhang Lei is a founder of PINWU Design studio and PINWU furniture brand, and a curator of “From Yuhang”project and “Rong”project. He lead PINWU design team to obtain more than 20 international design awards, redesigning traditional materials and crafts in modern design way. Design works are showed around a world, like in Italy(Milan Design Week), France and so on.
Zhang Lei, Christoph John and Jovana Bogdanovic are designers who come from three different countries and cultures. Since !rst meeting in Milan in 2010, they have been collaborating in Yuhang, China, developing their "From Yuhang" project. Each member has integrated their unique personality and cultural experiences, enriching PINWU with a distinct international flavor.
Paper Garden
Among countless paper materials, kinds and crafts, paper cut is one that made me fall in love with it on first sight. I was deeply moved seeing how paper cut motif kept its pure folk form even the craftsman were old people. Art installation “Paper Garden” is a passage of 15 handmade paper cuts. It is imaginative traveling from Milan to Hangzhou. Sino-Ocean Grand Canal Palace.

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