Sun Xin, Huang Haiwen
What Design   
Shenme Design
At the bottom of 2011, Sun Xin and Huang Haiwen founded Shenme Design Studio. They did not study design systematically, so they are not sure whether what they are engaging belongs to design or not. They prefer to describe what they are doing as realizing their ideas by some materials, ways and forms.
Our creating process is just like most of the design studios. But we emphasize more in hand making. Almost all sections are completed by ourselves: coming up with the ideas, products. We enjoy such an original creation ways. Especially in the early and medium period, lots of experimental experience brings us the happiness of creation. We think design and artistic creation are very individual and private.The personal charm in combination of true perspective and handling method is the most attractive point of every piece of work.
Paper is invented for recording, preserving and communicating. With its content, the meaning of a piece of blank paper is transformed. As a carrier either for written characters or drawings, paper within its inches of squares, presents a splendorous world. Life is enormous and abstract while at the same time specific and trivial. As an “archive”, “Objects” depicts a section of our life, even only a part. The audiences could explain it from different perspectives or only identify those objects by images, which is full of fun.

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