Lin Li
Bachelor degree in Fashion Design at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in 2008. Master degree in Fashion & Textile Design at Milan Istituto Europeo di Design in 2010. Before founding iLazy Studio in Hangzhou 2016, I worked as Fashion Designer in fashion companies, for example, DECOSTER Shanghai. My collection Base Note won Silver Award in the 5th COCOON International Fashion Design Competition. Design Brand:iLazy The brand philosophy of iLazy comes from a poem in the book 《Dare to be lazy》of the French writer Roland Barthes: “Sitting peacefully doing nothing. Spring is coming. And the grass grows all by itself.” The true laziness blends the in and out of nature, being slow and spontaneous, then returns its thoughts back to its surroundings. iLazy is committed to research the relationship between traditional Chinese crafts and aesthetics and the contemporary life, creating a lifestyle brand with natural simplicity. With comfortable cutting and delicate crafting, the iLazy clothes make those who wear them feel light and upward for life. iLazy shows the intrinsic quality of nature and enables you to enjoy moments of daily life.
Paper Verse
Paper Verse is a wearable art collection including four pieces of clothes and one accessory. The inspiration came from rich aesthetic implications of the ancient Chinese poetry. In my design, I explore paper as a medium applying various processing possibilities in dyeing, weaving, texture surface, knitting, etc. After researching for traditional dyeing handcrafts as well as paper-cut and hand compounding processes, I wanted to express the fine and pure beauty through paper texture; creating a subtle art mind and a poetic mood in my collection.

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