• Soil
    Soil is loose surface of the earth with fertility for plant growth. It is with adhesion and connection feature which is to nourish all things, and plant symbiotic. Humans is from soil, with legends of ancient times.
  • Sand
    Sand is from rock weathering or rock rolling to be granule with diameter 0.074~2mm. Soil and sand are complementary. It is individual, but sometimes it is become huge with unpredictable role.
  • Mineral Pigment
    Mineral color has its own unique artistic charm as a painting material. The painting is never fade by mineral crystal particles, with surface color contrast between the thickness.
  • Coal
    Coal is black or dark brown mineral from plant which is buried under the ground, without air or the conditions of insufficient air, through the underground temperature and pressure. Coal can be used as a power and also for art and design.
  • Cement
    Cement is kind of slurry from a hydraulic inorganic cementitious material after mixing with water through a series of physical and chemical effects. It can harden in the air or water, and can cemented together firmly with sand, stone and other materials.
  • Enamel
    Enamel is inorganic glass enamel painted and burned on the surface of the metal bottom embryo. Its production processes mainly are including glaze preparation, green body prepared, enameling, drying, firing, inspection. It combines the strength of the metal and enamel gorgeous appearance and chemical resistance properties.
  • Stone
    Stone is rock minerals constructing the crustal with different the size, shape and uncertain mineral condensate. It is kind of small rock which is from a large rock fell off in case of an external force. Meanwhile, it is the main ingredient of concrete, cement.
  • Ceramic
    Ceramic structure in the calcination process will be restructured. It is based on natural clay and various natural minerals as the main raw material crushed mixing, molding and calcination to obtain. Ceramic is made by hand normally and appearance with various containers.

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