• Paper umbrella
    paper umbrella, also known as oil-paper umbrella. The umbrella skeleton is made of old bamboos from remote mountains, after strict processes of anti-moth, anti-mildew, and anti-corrosion, it’s brushed with black paint; the umbrella surface is made by selecting and using a special-grade of cotton paper, through the multiple processes as anti-moth, paper paste, pattern drawing, oil applying, assembly, etc.
  • Paper pulp
    Pulp is made by using some plants as raw materials, it is the basic raw material for paper making. The plants that can be used as pulp raw materials are commonly divided into four categories: stem fibers, bast fibers, woolen fibers and wood fibers. Among them the wood fiber is the most important.
  • Paper folding
    it’s also known as "paper-folding craft", which is an artistic activity to fold a piece of paper into a variety of different shapes. Folding paper includes valley-folding, peak-folding, unfolding and folding crease making and other folding methods.
  • Tying
    it is the process to bundle or wrap something up. Here it also contains the tie-dye process, which is divided into tying knots and dyeing. With the use of the yarn, thread, rope and other tools, carry out tying, stitching, binding, decorating and clipping and other forms of process to the fabric, which is lastly put to the dyeing process.
  • Rubbing
    rubbing is to soak a tough thin paper in advance, and then cover it on the stone tablet, tap it gently with a brush, so that characters enter into the paper, when the paper is dried, have a brush dipped in ink, then beat and brush the paper gently so that the ink is coated on the paper in a well-distributed way, and then peel off the paper, so a rubbing piece of black grounding and white characters gets successfully completed, this method of copying the text is called "rubbing".
  • Concertina Binding
    it’s one of the methods for book binding. It’s to fold the length of the rolled book, so as to achieve the book form, then stick book covers both in the front and at the back of it, Buddhist classics mostly use this method. It is evolved from the reel, but because both the unfolding and rolling up of the reel are very time-consuming, so this method is used instead, being relatively more convenient. Books bound with Concertina Binding are all called "Folding Book".
  • Paper cutting
    Paper cutting is a kind of folk art to cut out patterns with scissors or knives in paper, which is used for decoration or contributes to other folk activities. Paper-cut is divided into monochrome paper-cut and color paper-cut.
  • Paper paste
    it is a traditional handicraft used for worship, pray and other occasions, generally, it’s to paste paper of different colors to the bamboo frame that has already been made. In addition, the paper pulp can take shape by adding starch, white latex and other substances; it is also a good design attempt to fix the form with the mold and then put to drying.

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