• silk cocoon
    Long 3~4CM , dia.1.7~2.1CM.Long oval, elliptical tunic shape, spherical or spindle shape. Cocoon are white, yellow, light green, pinkish red wait for color, have irregular wrinkles, and have attached silk, villous. Cocoon is mainly composed of silk fiber protein and the sericin protein,Have a small amount of grease, pigment, inorganic and so on.
  • nature silk
    Silk is a silk by silkworm spun silk gland secretion in the body fluid is frozen, a cocoon can be pulled out 1000 meters long silk, number of root silk merged into silk.
  • silk paper
    In the era of the western han dynasty, our country can already make silk floss. After the cocoon cooked, put on bamboo mat, and then put bamboo mat in the river again, when the silk floss finished,taken it from the mat, a layer of silk floss still remain on the mat. after drying, taht is silk paper.
  • silk textile
    Raw silk is devided warp and weft, according to a certain form of organization , to make different silk textile.Normally, such as Ling, Luo, silk, satin and duan and so on.
  • silk Embroidery
    Is embroidered on the fabric sewing a variety of decorative patterns in general. Is the thread with a needle or other fibers, yarns and colors in a pattern on the embroidered material puncture to constitute a pattern stitch decorative fabrics. Chinese embroidery mainly embroidery, embroidery, Shu embroidery and Yue embroidery of the four categories.
  • the Southern Song Dynasty clothing
    Painting by Song Dynasty painting flower and bird patterns affect patterns tend realistic modeling, composition tight. Folk costumes in the economic self-sufficiency on the basis of, the use of embroidery and hand-dyeing techniques to beautify, pristine clear blue cloth embroidered folk costumes and clothing, became the major folk style. Song Dynasty and features can be attributed to fresh, simple, natural, elegant
  • water silk
    In addition to his unique system of silk production techniques, there is an important condition is to have good water quality. Yuhang town across the South Shaoxi Tongji Bridge Millennium bridges, bridge covered with long, thick quartzite vent enables the rapid flood. In the bridge opened silk workshops, after the bridge washed silk, silk excellent quality. Yuhang silk produced so called "water silk."
  • siwangyinsha
    丝网印刷术是中国的一大发明,是将丝织物、合成纤维织物或金属丝网绷 在网框上,采用手工刻漆膜或光化学制版的方法制作丝网印版。现代丝网印刷技术,则是利用感光材料通过照相制版的方法制作丝网印版(使丝网印版上图文部分的丝网孔为通孔,而非图文部分的丝网孔被堵住)。

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