• Single jioints
    Connecting structure with concave and convax jionts. Single jioints is the most simple and most typical jionits.
  • Yan wei joints
    A series of 'pins' cut to extend from the end of one board interlock with a series of 'tails' cut into the end of another board. The pins and tails have a trapezoidal shape.
  • Xie ding Joints
    Xieding Joints, also konwn as Xiaoding joints or the key joints. It connects two parts through dowel pins, which makes the structure solid, and is usually used for connecting arc-shaped structure
  • Kong ming lock
    Kong ming Lock, also known as Luban Lock, is a traditional Chinese jiont for construction. Without nails and ropes, it can support the structure itself. It seems easy but shows extrodinary wisdom.
  • Bamboo joints
    Ways to connecting bamboo include enwraping, inserting, nesting, bamboo nails, etc.
  • Nesting
    One kind of bamboo jioints. Usually made of two bamboo tubes in different diameter.
  • Arch
    One of the important joint of timber structure. Usually being used to connecting the colum and the beam, has the function of lifting and load-bearing.
  • Multi type joints
    Different kinds of joints in one product.

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